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How to Time Your Product Launches


Have you ever given thought to HOW you launch your products?

I’m sure you have: the launch partners, affiliates, PR, blogs, social media and whatnot…

EVERYTHING needs to be lined up and primed properly in time for the launch, right.

Which brings me to… the WHEN of product launches.

And let’s be clear here: I do NOT mean when in terms of when YOU are ready, or when your marketing organization, virtual or physical, is ready for it.

Nope, I assume you know all that. If not, this is probably not for you. Yet.

What I mean is when your CUSTOMERS are ready for your pitch, for your sequence. Let’s run a shortlist of things to take into account:

  • When during the day you send out the launch email: good times are noon (heightened awareness), six to eight in the morning for the early birds, late afternoon and night times are good only for closing the offer.
  • Which day you send it out on: Wednesdays and Thursdays are good. Mondays add stress, Tuesdays people are busy, and on Friday people are already focused on the upcoming weekend.
  • Which month: October and January are classic product launch months (go ahead, count the launches next October!). December can also be good depending on the market: the holidays can be a blessing or a curse.

And never…. ever… release a product that hasn’t been fully and thoroughly tested prior to wide release. You’ll want to go with full force and you really cannot if you’re unsure about whether you should.

I know, common sense but too often companies treat their customers as guinea pigs. Not recommended, especially with the added attention a bona fide product launch brings.

If you want to maximize the potential of your product launch, make sure don’t just ‘release it out in the wild’. Plan it out with care, and use tried and tested principles for reaching as many people as possible. After all, you’ll maximize total conversion by doing that. 

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