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The Three Pillars Of All-Round Success

Hey there friend and follower,

It’s time for a look into what REALLY makes a man or a woman successful.

t the risk of sounding too simplistic, it really is a three-part trifecta of personal responsibility. Responsibility towards YOU, that is!

Here they come:

1. Exercising brutal honesty – this is really the price of admission to success of any kind, let alone the Big Leagues. You must own up to where you really are in life, what resources are immediately available to you, what must be taken into account. If you cheat yourself here, it will shortcut your route to success for sure. And conversely, when you are brutally honest about yourself and everything in your life, a sense of confident calm will come over you, and you will able to tackle anything life throws at you. And in fact, it will be you doing the throwing anyway, so you’ll be right in position! πŸ˜‰

2. Being goal conscious – and this is quite different from ‘goal setting’ which most often just results in added pressure, stress and disappointment. Allow me to explain. Being goal conscious simple means that you recognize the true goals you have in life. Whether they are short term or long term, they are undeniable. You could even go so far as to say you cannot choose your goals – they choose you. But really you do have free will in that you constantly make observations about the world around you and whether or not to include something in your present and therefore future experience. THAT is how being goal conscious works, even when it’s unconscious. But you’ll really find it so much more fulfilling when you’re consciously moving towards your goals, you’ll feel in charge and therefore you ARE.

3. Keeping up personal advancement – meaning any and all ways you can use to improve on yourself; your persona, your inner being, your skills, utilizing your talents… all that good stuff. Some people meditate, others gobble up self-help books, others order uplifting rituals to be performed on their behalf… whatever floats your boat, but make sure you really do it. Really keep the ball rolling, keep the stones rolling, make sure you’re advancing as an individual being and developing as a person of deep integrity and ability. Because you attract on the basis of how you ARE, primarily, and only secondarily based on what you do (which you do based on how you are anyway).

I hope you’re following so far! πŸ™‚ Now let me explain a few things about how it all works.

Keep Swimming
Creative Commons License photo credit: Melody Campbell

It may sound simple, but if you REALLY keep all these three going for as little as TEN DAYS… I can guarantee you’ll feel and see a difference in your life and in your results.

Also, let’s be clear: you do need EVERY single one of these.

If you leave out Brutal Honesty, you may move towards your goal and advance as a person… but somewhere along the way the bottom falls off and you end up disappointed. You experience false starts. You need that foundation in place in order to build everything on it.

If you leave out being Goal Conscious, you may be brutally honest with yourself and especially about yourself, and advance as a person.. but when you have goals that are not firmly in place or are constantly migrating, you will find all manner of sidetracks on your way to success and it seems like you’re just forever on your way. A lot of spiritually inclined people experience this, as they’re so engrossed with their inner experience, that the outward landscape of goals either doesn’t hold their interest or it simply slips away.

If you leave out Personal Advancement, you may be honest about where you are and achieving some goals… but they tend to be the same goals over and over. Or regurgitations of the same themes, on the same level of life and achievement, and you may feel like you can’t ‘break through’. That’s why you need to add the element of personal advancement in order to keep going for bigger and bigger successes all the time.

Because as they say, if you’re not growing, you’re diminishing. Nature doesn’t stand still much.

So, how about it? Try these three on for size, for just TEN DAYS and see how it changes your outlook, your daily experience and your ultimate results. If you really commit to this, I’ll say it’s near impossible NOT to see an improvement.

If you feel something’s unclear or you have a question in mind, leave a comment below!

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