First, let’s let the video do the talking.

Check this out:

Mesmerizing, isn’t it?Here’s a few pointers that may explain some of it:

  • The tiltshift effect creating the look of a miniature (DSLR with tilted lenses)
  • The stop-motion effect adds an air of hand-made art
  • The beach setting provides a relaxing atmosphere you want to stay in
  • The music amplifies the feeling of being on a beach vacation, and accentuates the accelerated stop-motion action
  • Watching something being built is addictive, you want to see it completed
  • Knowing you’re watching people without them knowing makes it almost impossible to look away

There’s more but that already gives you a lot of cues about how you can create a video most people feel they MUST watch from beginning to end.

(Everyone I’ve shown this one to have watched every second of it…)

Cheers to Keith Loutit for the awesome video. You can watch it directly on Vimeo here.
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