For some ungodly reason, a lot of amateur marketers think ‘being unique’ or even worse ‘looking unique’ is the all-important shortcut to more sales.

(Hint: it isn’t.)

Every time I hear this I want to scream… but generally don’t 😉

Let me ask you this: What’s better?

  1. Having an offer that works and generates sales every time it comes in contact with your audience… or:
  2. Being completely unique, standing out in a sea of competitors… and generating blank stares

Number one sounds considerably more appealing, doesn’t it?

You see…

This vague but heavy sounding notion of “Being Unique” is an ILLUSION.
For some marketers, it has taken over the place of real positioning combined with a powerful offer.

When you have expert positioning, or even celebrity level positioning in your market, combined with a truly compelling offer… THEN you both stand out and generate sales as almost an afterthought.

But if you’re content to just “being unique”, that’s just a pale, lukewarm imitation invented by ad agencies who like to sound grand, bill grand, launch grand… then fizzle out with a grand cheque in their hand while you’re left holding your… you know.


So let this be a guideline to remember for you: whenever someone in a swanky meeting room demands you be UNIQUE, respond with a sly smirk, ask for a successful case study where uniqueness alone brought in sales.

And then suggest: “how about we roll up our sleeves instead and get to work on an offer that works”.

Then watch the jaws drop en masse.

Then you call me on Zoom to guide you through the ol’ offer workshop rigamarole. 😀
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