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Why Budding Copywriters Get Stuck (And How to Escape the Funk)

So you always wanted to become a copywriter.

Why not, right?

All those promises of a great career filled with quick influxes of riches, promotion after promotion… just by writing a few simple words here and there. Yeah?

So you read a few books, take some courses, maybe even get your ass to some seminars, see how others are doing it and making the big bucks. Right?

And yet… every single project you land seems like an uphill battle from the start and you JUST barely get there, feeling like it’s not supposed to be so hard… like, every time, surely?

What’s wrong with this picture… what’s actually happening here with our freshly minted freelance copywriting hopeful?

First off, chances are you’re NOT researching enough – or more likely, you’re not researching the RIGHT way.

The point of research is not to become a product expert, but to have an abundance of ‘ammo’ for your actual copy once you switch gears and start up the writing.

PLUS you’re most likely studying TOO much… because there’s just so much out there to study, and people say you should, and you never feel like you’re quite ‘ready’…

…all the while you’re probably jumping into projects without that required ‘ammo’ under your arm, without which you couldn’t really hope to survive. Suffice to say, akll that’s not going to lead you anywhere.

All that being said – at some point you have to start drawing some conclusions of your OWN. That’s what people will eventually pay you for: that YOU know how to get the job done, not some vague ideas you copied from some guru.

Forget the templates, the frameworks and the formulas – they only help to a degree.

See what you got on your hands, put it together, what it MEANS to the end customer

That’s when you get your chance to GO DEEP.

A lot of newcomers dread this very point because you no longer get to hold on to the crutches, and no amount of extra research will get you further along.


You HAVE to get inside the mind of your end customer, and relate to them 100%.

Then, and ONLY then will you be able to turn out the kind of copy that will turn visitors into buyers.

This IS the secret sauce of any copywriter worth their salt.

In a way, you actually forget yourself for a while, and really dig in there deep.

What does the end customer feel, see, hear, talk about…. and always, ALWAYS in context!

THEN you start getting somewhere, and the wheels start turning.

And then you get a couple of successes under your belt, and your confidence soars.

THAT… is when building your copywriter’s dream lifestyle begins – when you KNOW from experience you can routinely turn out copy that sells – and that’s when it all starts to click. And you get to charge more. And so the upward spiral of your successful copywriting career has started for real! That’s how you go from dreams to reality. 

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