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Sometimes ‘new and important’ really is…

Sometimes you try to do something new and inspiring, just because you can.

I did that about ten months ago with my book on Web 2.0 Marketing.

Web 2.0 for Marketers cover

I was really pleased with the book, but I wasn’t prepared for the response.

There were two kinds of first reactions: Some were skeptical it works at all, some actually got jealous and didn’t want the knowledge to spread. It was really strange to watch it all unfold.

Luckily, there were also the buyers. They had the best reaction!
They dared to do something new, and reaped the rewards in spades.

To this day, Web 2.0 for Marketers is the only product I have
zero refunds for. NONE! Zero complaints, either.

That NEVER happens if you sell any decent amount of product.

Anyway… ten months later, Web 2.0 is THE way things are done!

Social networks, online video, social bookmarking… it’s all
everyday stuff now.

But what is surprising is how few people still realize how powerful
web 2.0 can be to actually sell something.

People put out two minute YouTube videos and expect the world to beat a path
to their door.

You need STRATEGY. You need TOOLS. You need to UNDERSTAND what
you’re doing to get real world results.

And that’s why I wrote Web 2.0 for Marketers in the first place.

Now, a while back I took it off the market because I wanted to
extend it with some new important developments.

This update is taking longer than expected, because I want to make
it a really worthwhile update, something that will be the talk of
the Internet insiders once again.

In the mean time, since it’s my birthday today, I’m putting the
current version of the ebook back on the market for a few days to

And also because people have been pestering me to release it to the
public again, quite enough of that thank you. 😉

So here it is folks, get it while it’s there, at a price that’s
next to nothing.

Thank you, and enjoy the book!


PS. I just flashed through the pages myself yesterday and to my
surprise, every bit of information was still very much valid today.
It’s a surprise because Web 2.0 moves at a lightning pace. Some web
sites have been bought by others, that’s all.

PPS. If you buy the book at this ridiculous price now, you’ll get
the upcoming update at no extra cost. Consider it my gift to you on
my birthday today.

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