I have the same conversation so often, I might as well just blog the basics for all to see. πŸ™‚

If you’re new to the online business, here are the most common stumbling blocks to avoid:

  • Being the first to do something… does not matter (in fact, being the first is often a disadvantage – mostly do what works now, not what you think others haven’t picked up yet)
  • Doing it big… does not matter (a big email list that converts at 0.001% is a lot less sexy than a 5000 people list converting at 35% or more)
  • Doing it the way others have done it… does not matter (this is just a sign of insecurity, and as understandable as it is, is often the last barrier to success).

What matters is simply… doing it right.

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And what does doing it right mean, you ask?

  • No cutting corners (tell the WHOLE story if you want to convert anyone to your side)
  • Apply marketing advice and models… instead of copying wholesale or even plagiarizing
  • Be humble enough to accept advice and to be coachable

And lastly – despite all the numbers crunching involved, realize and accept that it’s all a people game. Be a real person, market to real human needs, and you’ll do just fine.

Fundamentals NEVER stop working. That’s why they’re called fundamentals. Stick to them… even cling to them when you NEED a home run to survive or thrive.

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