1. Copywriting

Why People Put Off Writing

It’s intimate

It’s hard…

It really requires opening up

Taking a risk

You may say it’s not your forte, and that may be

You may blame it on the writing part

But that part’s usually pretty easy

Once you know what to say

Who to say it to

What effect you want it to have 

Then you just GO 

Because you can’t wait for people to GET IT too… 


One that drives YOU first

Then MOVES the reader

Brings you two together

And you’re both better off for it

That’s the goal of all writing

Whether you’re selling something or not

The writer and the reader meet in the middle

And something’s going to happen

Make sure you set it up well

So what happens is not a mere coincidence

But a well framed happenstance

Happened innocently enough 

But has magnificent effect, all the same

Learn this and your life will never be the same

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