Have you ever caught yourself saying that after someone complimented you on some success?

“Oh, that’s nothing…”

The most dangerous words you could ever utter to your unconscious.

Why? Because with every statement like that, you’re training your unconscious – you know, the part of you that steers your progress through life – to be ambivalent. To not know what’s success and what’s failure.

It’s so very simple but so easily escapes our conscious control.

When you have a success, you tend to downplay it and say ‘oh that’s nothing’.

Guess what your subconscious says to that?

‘Okay, gotcha. Let me know when real success happens so I can make more of that happen. Okay? Thanks’.

And when you encounter a failure, it’s also very easy – and dare I say fashionable – to say, ‘oh, that’s okay’.

Guess what your unconscious says to that?

‘Okay, gotcha. This is okay, so you want more of this, right?’

Seems like nitpicking but it really isn’t.

That’s why it’s in some ways very dangerous that kids today aren’t really taught about winning and losing. Unless they’re in ultra-competitive sports and it goes overboard.

All that’s really needed is a simple acknowledgement to yourself.

When you have a success, acknowledge it and maybe even celebrate a little. That’s how you signal to yourself you want more of it. When you experience failure, acknowledge it to make sure you understand that’s not what you want. Suddenly, you start getting more of what you want!

PS – If you want to go beyond this simple instruction and gain real ninja-like control over your unconscious – and therefore your outcomes in life – get Stuart Lichtman’s recently fully revised and updated ebook. It’s a classic and never stops working.

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