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Why I Use Apple Products (Ya, Me Too!)

This is another discussion I get into every now and then… and to think, just a couple of years ago, I was on the opposite end of the argument! I believe the derogatory term is ‘Apple Fan Boy’… πŸ™‚

Apple amnesty
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But in reality, THIS is why I’ve grown to prefer Apple products in my work – and a lot in my free time, too:

1. They get out of the way. Out of the way of doing the meaningful stuff. The iPad is perhaps the most remarkable in this regard. you just focus on the content, whatever you’re doing, creating or consuming, and the content or the application just becomes what you’re immersed in. Not generally my experience with other systems that expect you to learn them first.

2. They don’t get old. Not as fast as competing products, anyway. This has been perhaps the greatest surprise. Oh sure, Apple does come up with upgrades and new shiny objects at a head-spinning rate, but that’s a different matter altogether.

My Macbook Pro works just as well as it did when I got it a year+ ago. no noticeable slowdowns or such. even after fairly big system upgrades and such. just keeps on truckin’.

3. They speed things up. The Mac never freezes, never crashes, almost never hangs. it has sped up getting things done manifold for me. The iPod/iPhone apps allow me to record brainstorms, take notes, and how many other things that used to require me to lug around a laptop.

I haven’t done the exact math to compare, but I do know for a fact I churn out much more finished work after making the switch.

But, Dude – aren’t you just rationalizing the use of the coolest toys?

Nice try, but no cigar. I’m not that easily fooled. No sirree.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Xelcise

It took me YEARS to take the plunge. I know ALL the excuses (I’m too used to Windows, they’re too expensive, who cares about trends…).

In the end it’s just about using what works best and gets you the best results, the easiest. Period.

Oh sure, Apple products ARE beautiful to look at, fun to use, easy to upgrade, and all that… BUT if they wouldn’t come with those three main benefits, I wouldn’t dream of using them for anything meaningful.

Oddly enough, the only Microsoft product in significant use in my household now is the X-Box. seeing as Nokia is now in bed with them though, that may change in the future… but until then, Apple has my attention.

So hey – what’s the general lesson here?

I’ve written about this before, and it’s this. As a product creator, FOCUS ON THE OVERT BENEFITS your users/clients/customers REALLY want. Not that perfect spec sheet or shiny me-too user interface, necessarily. It’s a plus, but not ultimately important to your customer.

Basically people just want to get things done, and feel good about it while they’re doing it. End of story.

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