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Being Powerful Vs. Being Forceful

It’s a subtle difference, you might think: after all, power and force are often considered synonyms and used interchangeably.

You may look at powerful people, and note that they use force, yes.

You may look at let’s say army generals who exert great force, and conclude that those people are powerful.

But in a way that makes a difference to you, which does really serve you: POWER or FORCE?

If you use force in your personal relationships in order to get what you want, how often does that work for you and you get your way?

Not very often, right. And even if you do get your way, it doesn’t feel like a victory because you had to step on boundaries to get there, and compromise on your integrity, most likely.

On the other hand then, when you’re able to find your personal power and use that, how does that leave you feeling?

When you act in a powerful way, you tap into your charisma, people are impressed, they follow you and believe you… and WANT to co-operate with you. Sounds pretty good, right?

If you are in business for yourself, you get the temptation to be forceful from time to time. Use FORCE to persuade clients, be forceful in a meeting to get your message across, push your demands through in a negotiation.

Or forcefully expect things to go a certain way, or even for people to think a certain way. See – it’s not just about the extroverts banging their fists on the table, we are all susceptible to the use of force in our own unique ways.

A lot of times the use of force comes from a place of being impatient, and it’s easy to just force things through.

But when you have PATIENCE, take a deep breath and find your bearings first, then you’re able to go at it from a different place.

When you have POWER, it manifests as self-confidence, eloquence, positive perseverance, politeness (because you don’t have to compare the strength of your force), and much more.

The difference? Put simply, it is COMMUNICATION.

When you’re using force, you just don’t bother. You simply want to ram it home and get what’s yours.

When you’re being powerful, people listen. Even before you say a word. They listen the moment you enter the room.

Why? Because being powerful changes they way you occur to the people around you, how you ‘look like’ to others.

To be powerful, take a step back before performance (whatever that may be). Then, remind yourself of your personal purpose, what you stand for, because that makes you FEARLESS.

Being FORCEFUL has to do with exercising power over others. Being POWERFUL has to do with tapping into your inner strength and affecting others with your sheer Being. Choose the latter. 


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Comments to: Being Powerful Vs. Being Forceful
  • January 16, 2014

    Being Powerful does not really mean you have to be Forceful. I know a lot of people who uses Force in work, It’s no fun! These individuals give orders and demands, they are very impatient and unhappy all the time. Compared to people who knows how to lead others PROPERLY, I guess those people were Powerful. Powerful in a way they can influence others simply by talking it down, or simply their presence have big impact in the team.

    Thanks for this!

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