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The Links That Mattered In December 2013

Hey there my peeps!

This is going to be the last of my monthly links rundown in 2013, obviously. Duh. 🙂

An eccentric mix of stuff once again, I’m pretty sure you’ll find something in there that floats your particular boat.

NO affiliate links here, by the way. Nor am I plugging my own stuff, either.

Just useful stuff I came across, that’s it. Yours to discover and use to your advantage, fun and entertainment.

I’ve divided the links into three categories: Marketing, Tech and Lifestyle. That seems to be what I’m mostly into now.



Spam word list – do NOT use these words in your subject lines (or body, if you can) if you want your emails to get delivered

Headline swipe for social media – have trouble getting attention in social media or in your blog posts? This swipe file will help.

30-day email marketing challenge – Alice Seba’s stuff is always dependable. Go try this on for size…

100 conversion optimization test results – lots to learn here, just don’t copy the results but ADAPT to your own tests!


The Lander app – for creating landing pages in cool wysiwyg, insanely fast

Heatmaps for mobile sites – kind of self-explanatory, yeah? Well, since everyone is creating responsive and mobile sites now (a ‘hygiene’ feature really), you need to know what really happens on your mobile sites

Infinite WP – control your many WordPress sites from a single dashboard. End of story. 

AirServer 5.0 – an AirPlay receiver (!) for your Mac or PC. Even records the AirPlay sessions! How cool is THAT?!

Hang w/ – another live streaming app (Facebook), with some cool features


UnMonday speakers – multi-channel audio in a single, wireless cool-looking speaker!

How to produce electronic music from Beatport – being a closet EDM producer was never so easy… 😉 

How to tie your scarf – in our continuing series on male grooming 😉

 That about rounds it up, see you in 2014 with more great resources and more great, actionable knowledge!

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Comments to: The Links That Mattered In December 2013
  • January 19, 2014

    Hi there! Thanks for this post. Every link was working well and very helpful for specific applications. I like the Beatport website for creating electronic music, it has many learning materials and tutorial videos for learning. KKepp posting helpful blogs! Thanks again! 🙂

  • June 16, 2016

    In addition to the apps you mentioned under Tech, another powerful app to note is Reflector 2. Reflector 2 runs on a Mac or Windows computer and allows wireless screen mirroring with iOS or Android devices. You can record single or multiple devices at once, live stream straight to YouTube, and use voice-over recording for tutorials or demonstrations..

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