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Three Vital Rules For Every Single Consultant Or Coach

Okay, let’s go to town on the three things that matter in the service business, let’s call it consulting to keep things simple.

The consultant and another fine morning... getting ready for his gig. :)
The consultant and another fine morning… getting ready for his gig. 🙂

1. Charge what you’re worth. Really do it.

You MUST charge what YOU will be happy with, because then YOU will go into the negotiations and the gig with all the positives in mind.

And when the client actually pays for what you’re worth, then THEY will also listen to what you say and learn from what you do… because they know it’s an investment that will pay off. And they also know it’ll reflect badly on them if they treat you, the prime mover, badly.

And when the client pays handsomely, they will ALSO think of the upside, not the downside.

So charge that amount which will make you content and satisfied, and you’ll all be content and satisfied in the end. Guaranteed.

Of course, this is not just about exercising self-worth. Naturally your service will have to be up to snuff and be worth MORE to the client than what you get in monetary value. Right? Okay.

2. Focus on what-you-want

…so that what-you-don’t-want won’t have a chance to take over; in your mind, and in your one-on-one dealings and negotiations.

Those negatives tend to stick out in any situation and eventually take your mind hostage… UNLESS you strictly stick with what-you-want. For yourself and for the client BOTH.

For example: don’t get into the habit of ‘overcoming objections’ unless your client specifically asks for it. Avoid putting problems into their heads when they have none. Keep the opportunity fresh.

You must do this, because otherwise the downside potentials of business will attract you and your customers both. If you generate a routine way of avoiding the downsides, you’ll suddenly end up with a sales process that’s not only smooth… it’s much faster, and brings about happiness on both sides of the table.

I’m not talking about walking around with rose tinted glasses on, or overlooking real concerns. I’m talking about steering the dialog into a fruitful direction for both parties. It doesn’t take as much as you’d think, but it takes the right attitude.

You’ll want to end up with a shared vision for going forward and doing great things, and it begins with you, mostly.

So take this responsibility with gleeful acceptance and your consulting career will be better than ever.

3. Go in with the totality of yourself

…and all of your knowledge.

I know, sounds a little vague so I’ll explain.

Don’t go in as just an expert, or you’ll risk being treated as a commodity. As in, ‘we need an SEO copywriter for Project X, where can we get one this month’.

“Don’t niche down” either, as James Schramko is fond of saying.

Instead, go in as a consultant who has enough experience to provide answers for most everything within your greater area of experience.

This way you will come across only positive surprises, and the clients won’t be overwhelmed when you over-deliver, because they already know they’re buying the Whole Deal with you.

So what’s the point…

The above is how the best-of-the-best performers, the high flyers, work in every single industry.

These approaches command mutual respect, and so the film studio keeps hiring the highest paying directors, actors and producers.

Because they know it works both ways. High performance, high payment, high trust.

Those who purposely get there, stay there. That’s also why it seems like the game is rigged.

It really isn’t, but it is a rare individual who really takes all this to heart. I intend to, and you should too.

Right now, and evermore to the future.

The highest, loftiest secrets are always in plain sight, but discernible only to the discerning…

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  • March 22, 2015

    Fantastic guide and it’s very reliable sources article. It’s very helpful and useful about these Three Vital Rules For Every Single Consultant Or Coach. Glad to read this. Thanks for sharing this article. Great post!

  • June 16, 2015

    It was really interesting to read this article.
    If we want to achieve a special goal in life, we should need to put our mind and body for it. I agree to all your points. Especially, our focus is really important. When we lose our focus, we face obstacles in our way. So, always be focused.

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