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Pulling All My Information Products

Hi there.

If you’re on one of my mailing list, you’ve already received this some 24 hours ago, but if you’re not here’s a quick heads-up.

In about 24 hours, I’m pulling all my existing information products from the market.

More about everything that follows later, but for right now read this carefully:

Good day 

Glad to see you today, I'm happy you're on my list.

I'm making some big changes in my business,
and here's the part that should interest you. 

As part of those changes, I'm pulling all my
existing information products off the market. 

Because you're a loyal subscriber,
I'm extending you a 48-hour last window
to get your hands on these products. 

For this 48-hour period (or less if things get crazy):
prices on all products slashed from 50% UP TO 95%*!

Here's the list:

- The infamous 'money from thin air' program
Intro video: http://revver.com/video/617932/premium-income-is-here/
Sale price: $197, normally $5000!
Link to purchase: http://www.effortlessenterprises.com/amember/signup.php?price_group=3

- The famous 'evergreen' info profits formula
Web site: http://www.effortlessfreedomonline.com/index_2.html
Sale price: just $97, normally $597!
Purchase link: http://www.effortlessenterprises.com/amember/signup.php?price_group=2

- The 'smorgasbord of everyday miracles'
Web site: http://40miracles.web20formarketers.com
Sale price: just $9.95, normally $19.95!
Purchase link: https://paydotcom.com/sell.php?id=92361

- Called the 'bible' of social media marketing
Sale price: just $13, normally $27
Purchase link: http://1.efoent.pay.clickbank.net/

As you can see, some of my products are already
offline, and these will soon follow. 

So if you've ever wanted to try out one of these
best-selling products, now's your chance to
do it at ridiculous prices! 

Put a smile on my face, too. ;)

There'll be more to come my friend, but for now...
quickly take advantage of this opportunity.

Talk soon,

PS. If you see a non-discounted price on
one of the web sites, don't worry. I've just
been too lazy to update it, final price is
on the order form... 

PPS. As these products are going off the market,
I'm also considering allowing some of them to be
sold via exclusive resale rights. Only ONE reseller
per product  though, so if you're interested
then contact me right away.
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