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Don’t Miss These Invaluable Resources From July 2014


Time for the ol’ blogroll rigamarole again.

Tools roundup.

Links galore.

Call it what you will, but you guys seem to like it so I’ll keep doing it for now:

Wirecast – live video software goodness from the makers of Screenflow

How to Analyze Your Email Newsletter List With Facebook – a VERY useful article that helps you get more out of your email list… (hint: it involves Facebook’s Power Editor)

GoTenna – a smartphone antenna that gives you messaging capability EVEN when networks are down or unavailable (they’ll ship some time in the fall)

Canon Legria/VIXIA Mini – a very cool camcorder a lot of vloggers and action shooters like now…

Emotional Marketing Value Headline Analyzerjust what it says. Shoot for an EMV score of 30 to 40 or above

Inky – a new innovative email app that seems pretty promising… getting a lot of good press

ActiveCampaign – the new kid on the email marketing block… fairly advanced, people are migrating

Zaxaa – not a new kid on the block but many marketers seem to be newly advocating it, perhaps due to changes at Warrior Forum and whatnot. Decide for yourself…

A Better Queue – helps you find movies actually worth watching on Netflix… 😉 such a valuable service..

The Fascination Advantage Report – quite possibly the most valuable thing I found online all month. This is a report that tells you… no, not another things about your strengths & weaknesses, but how others see you. This was a total eye-opener for me and gave me the courage to start changing the direction of my work quite a bit. HIGHLY recommended. Also by the same author: the recent New York Times bestseller How the World Sees You: Discover Your Highest Value Through the Science of Fascination

Looking cool...
Looking cool as Ray-Ban… knowing the latest trends 😉

Now of course, I have to remind you these are just some of the general resources I find from time to time.

The REALLY cool, specific-use, under-the-counter tools and tactics belong to my clients and subscribers. 

To get in on the really good stuff… make sure you’re on one of my lists. See the box below this post if you’re not sure. 

PS. Alright, FINE. 😉 The obligatory male fashion tip: The Regatta Stripe shirt

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