Sometimes I bump into people who think the art and science of marketing is nothing but manipulating people to think what they don’t naturally think, and to do what they wouldn’t normally do.

In other words, manipulate people to do things against their will.

I don’t know about that. Let’s take a look into how this works.

Let’s say you get infatuated with someone of the opposite sex. Or your own for that matter, let’s be 2010 here for a moment.

If you then go out of your way to present yourself in the best possible light, get other people to speak for you, offer to do great things for him or her, promise a long lasting good time…

Are you then manipulating them to do something against their will?

Of course not. It doesn’t matter how hard you woo someone… if they’re not into you, they won’t fall for it.

I will never be your pawn...
Creative Commons License photo credit: Lil Larkie

The same exact thing goes for marketing a product or service.

You can pull all of the greatest tricks out of your playbook (say, 1,800 of them like Joe Vitale – great book by the way) and do everything in your power to persuade someone to think your way, feel your way, and act on your call.

But if they’re not pre-sold on it – You, the product, whatever it is that is being marketed – if they’re not looking for someone like you, or a product like the one you have… it’s not going to happen.

In other words: put all your attention on the famed message-to-market-match. Marketing becomes a WHOLE LOT easier when you do that, I assure you.

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