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Did Apple Just Fire Their Copywriter?

I just got done watching the new iPhone 4S videos, pieces of the keynote, and the inevitable ads and such coming out of yesterday’s Apple event.

And boy, is the difference stark or what. I bet nobody expected such a difference, even with Jobs out of the picture. It almost seemed like they were going against their own playbook.

Tell me, what’s wrong with this picture:

Is this how the iPhone got commoditized?

Technical specs.


More specs and features. All just thrown together, it seems.


If they expect the vast majority of iPhone-buying crowd to swoon over that, I’m very surprised. Maybe their intention is to vomit specs for the technically inclined, who will be more likely to buy the upgrade than the hoi polloi, anyway?

Even so, they really could have done a lot better. It almost looks like they didn’t even try. Let’s take a moment and see if we can improve.

  • The fastest web browsing ever seen on a mobile phone
  • 40% more detailed photos and a fifth lense for even sharper images
  • A revolutionary ‘pocket-assistant’ answers your questions – you can call her Siri

Oh… and there’s one more thing.

  • The iPhone actually stabilizes your video… AS YOU’RE SHOOTING IT!

The difference? There’s actual emotion behind the words, and practical value instead of meaningless technical specs.

This example doesn’t even go very far but gives you an idea.

But seriously, COME ON… instead of saying the iOS has over 200 new features, surely they could have found two or three outstanding features, showcased them and shown the actual MEANING behind it.

That’s what Steve Jobs used to do so gosh-darn well. And I sure hope for Apple’s sake, their marketing savvy wasn’t all about Steve.

Apple used to be the exception in the tech industry, the one behemoth who ‘got’ marketing, presentation and product launches. I for one am really quite sad to see that quality seems to be at least fading, but hopefully not gone.

The tech industry needs someone to show the way, and in the past few years Apple has been the one. The competition is closing in, and my bet is the one who communicates the best wins. Not the best specs.

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Comments to: Did Apple Just Fire Their Copywriter?
  • October 14, 2011

    Let’s just hope for the best for Apple. This might be a bad start after Sir Steve’s passing.
    You have good point here “The competition is closing in, and my bet is the one who communicates the best wins. Not the best specs.” I totally agree with you.

  • October 22, 2011

    To be accurate, the pitch took place just before Sir Steve’s passing… but to be fair, surely knowing the situation it couldn’t have been an easy night to pull off. The next 6 months will definitely be interesting… iPhone 5, new Apple TV and all…

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