Do you know what the Vedic calendar is?

It’s a little like the Mayan calendar, or Chinese or what have you…

The common thread is, you find out millenia-old knowledge about the nature of days, hours, and so on…

In short, you get to know when is the best time to do a certain thing – so you get the best results possible.

Pretty cool, huh? I certainly think so, and have watched a couple of friends become millionaires following these ancient prescriptions.

So lately, I’ve started to pay more attention to these special times and dates. And this morning, I found out today is…


In other words, TODAY (May 14th), you have an increased chance of ‘making it so’!

What’s not to like about that, right?!

So, the way you make use of this day is, you hold an intention, meditate, pray, plan… whatever suits you best…

…to correct, align or amplify anything you want in life.

In the case of today (May 14th – but it depends where in the world you are), it’s all about money.

So… while I was contemplating these things today, I had a thought to give other people something of value.

Something that’s instantly usable and easy to do… and has high potential for money-making. So I came up with this:


This particular technique is about making money online at the speed of light – literally, within a single day, from scratch.

I realize I could have included some video, some prelude with motivational speeches and whatnot…

…but at the end I just wanted to get this out before sundown today – so people get it in time in case they want to try it on this important day.

So here it is, make the ‘Day of Money Miracles’ count!
(go and listen to the 12 minute audio with notes)
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Comments to: The Day Of Money Miracles
  • May 15, 2008

    Great stuff.
    I just found your blog and love it.
    Look forward to reading more.

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