Trying to do product creation and product marketing it at the same time will bring you lukewarm results at best. At worst, you’ll end up with a cringe-inducing dud.

Do you know what I mean?

Would you rather avoid such horrific embarrassment?
Cool, let’s see about that.

So let’s say you’re already inspired to create a great product.
Let’s say an info product, right?

Great! Now here comes the important part: Do NOT stop until it’s 100% done. Seriously.

Don’t lift that pen, don’t let that keyboard stop clacking before you got it in raw genius form.

Now on the other hand, what if you’re NOT sure what exactly to create as your product?

Or don’t quite know how?
Who should it speak to?
What’s great about it?
Who to sell it to ideally?

If that’s you, and it’s safe to say that would be 90% of you reading this,  if you’re facing this predicament, you have only one smart option:

Create the sales copy first, before you create the product to match it!

If you have that desire to create your awesome signature product, do not let it fall into that gap between desire and having the ample time and peace of mind you think you need to create it.

Instead, do this.

Describe your upcoming product immediately, in glorious detail, until you have the richly descriptive written equivalent of the real thing in front of you!

It doesn’t matter if it comes out in disjointed spurts, that’s generally how it’s supposed to happen.
Let the product outline flow out of you, and describe it with fresh enthusiasm.

Here’s a quick way to get your copy juices flowing:

  • Write a headline that contains the three main benefits of owning your product
  • Start on an opening paragraph relating the story of how you discovered the main content of your product, how you overcame the problems and overcame them
  • Then move on to tell your future customers how they can do it too

When you get into the habit of doing things in this order, you’ll find your fortunes in the online marketing game will rise, and they will rise sharply!

Because this will save you from costly ‘tests’ that end up discouraging you from trying again.

And because you make sure the product WILL fit the market – by way of employing the entire process of copywriting – you will create a product that will sell almost automatically.

In fact, a vast majority of the hit info products were made in this exact way.

And I’ve found this to be true with my own products as well; the more I focus on selling the ideal product first, the easier it is to create the product to match.

If you’re not sure where or how to start this highly valuable, time-honored process of creating successful products from thin air?

Well then, that’s when you should give me a ring.
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