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ROTD: Why People Don’t Take Action

You hear it everywhere don’t you?

Especially if you’re a lone wolf in the online business, like many or even most are, that’s the single truism everyone and their dog seem to agree on:

Just take action, and you’ll be on your way.

Just start creating that product. Just put together a launch plan. Just hire that copywriter.

And yet… you get stalled.

If it’s so damn simple, why IS it that people just don’t take action?

Even when they know they should.

Do you? When SPEED is of the essence?

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I’ve found there are THREE MAIN REASONS for not taking action:

1. You attach too much meaning into it

If you think about doing something long enough, be it positive or negative, the whole issue becomes so loaded with meaning, you’ll feel terrified moving in that direction. At all.

The solution is to find a way to deattach that meaning, and just do it. Of course it sounds simplistic, but it happens to be the truth. The easiest way of course is to

2. You think you have to do things ‘just so’

Not so. 🙂

Many people observe other people so much, they lose sight of how they work the best, and how they can achieve results on their own.

Look, you can model others to find the essence of what they’re doing, but you have to find your own truth; just do it!

(Many marketers and students of copywriting make this mistake; copying everything to the letter without putting in the effort to realize what makes it work.)

3. You think you have no choice

A surprising number of people seem to think that somehow they’re stuck with equally non-satisfying options. And yet, at the same time there are people who always find a way to take action that takes them higher and higher.

That means you need to re-evaluate where you think you’re headed: is it a solution or a justification that keeps your old beliefs about success in place?

In reality, there’s NOTHING that keeps you from making ANY choice, taking ANY ACTION and getting ANY result you want.

You simply assume the position of screenwriter in your life, change the script, and on you go. I assure you, The Director will approve any notes you pass on. 😉

This concludes the Rant Of The Day. Have a good one!

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