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CafeCast: Some New Gear That Boosted My Productivity


If you’ve ever desperately looked for the power outlet for your laptop in an airport or a cafe, say…

…then you NEED to watch this 3 minute video.

Because I’ve solved a big part of this recurring problem, increasing my daily output and productivity a great deal.

PS. The LTE connection I mentioned is more like 60M down and 45M up… not bad at all, esp. on the go, huh! 🙂

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Comments to: CafeCast: Some New Gear That Boosted My Productivity
  • August 7, 2013

    Nice gear. I must say I have not had that great experience with the macbook air battery life, but you say you have the latest one 2013? perhaps its better. And the LTE via iPhone5. Sounds like a plan.
    thanks for shating

  • August 9, 2013

    Ashley: yes this is the brand new 2013 Macbook Air which has the Haswell processor that dramatically reduces battery usage. Before this model I didn’t even consider getting an Air. Now, it’s my #1 choice.. 🙂

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