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The Three Beliefs You Need To Make A Sale

Have you heard these statements before:

“Sales is a transfer of belief”


“Sales is a transfer of certainty”

Well, the people saying that are… not wrong!

But as a copywriter, I tend to look at it as a three-part deal.

Press play to hear my take on this… 

So to recap, you’ll need to instill three kinds of belief in your prospect:

  • Belief in YOU as the seller of the ‘thing’
  • Belief in the PRODUCT or service on offer
  • Belief in THEMSELVES that they can succeed with your offering

And in most cases, it’s the last one that’s the trickiest to pull off, but the most valuable.

Some of the ways you can do that are:

  • Show them that you’ve been able to achieve great things with it (with proof, of course)
  • Tell a story of an existing customer just like them, getting results easily
  • Simply provide encouragement, that they got all they need to succeed (and only need your product to get started)

Do that, and you’re a long way towards getting your prospect to believe in the possibility that buying what you’re selling is not only a good idea but something that makes them feel better about themselves.

And THAT is one massive buyer’s trigger, I’ll have you know. 🙂

Juho Tunkelo

Long time marketing strategist, superstar skills in copywriting and conversion optimization. Ring me up on Skype or send me a free-form email and I’ll lend you a keen ear.

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