It’s a terrible thing to waste, you know.

Your honest, heartfelt, life-giving TRUE DREAMS, that is!

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Oh sure, your dreams can and usually do evolve over time and whatnot, that’s par for the course.

But to ABANDON your dreams altogether… that’s just crushing to your ability to live with joy and turns your life into waste.

You’ll have to pardon me for the unusually strong words, but I’m about to get even stronger about this.

Why such strong words?

Because for all the marketing, selling, and entrepreneurial wisdom I impart to my clients on a daily basis, if the REASON WHY isn’t there for them… unfortunately it all just tends to fizzle. And that’s the ONE thing I can’t really fix for you.

However… I DO know someone who can help you fix it. Because he’s helped me do it years ago. Repeatedly, in fact.

Stuart Lichtman and the Dream Achiever Program
Stuart Lichtman and the Dream Achiever Program to achieve so-called 'impossible goals'

You know how people point to a successful person and say: “He (or she) has it all together”?

Turns out there’s a very literal truth to that!

It has to do with the fundamentals of how our brains work, and how it affects our ability to achieve goals.

Your brain has four main parts and they ALL need to align for your whole mind to be able to go for a goal and achieve – unconsciously, to boot!

It all sounds complex, but once you get a whiff of how it works, it becomes second nature.

I don’t know anyone else who teaches this anywhere but Stuart Lichtman.

Not to mention so successfully (in recent years hitting 95-100% success rates for those who actually implement what he teaches!)

So you could do a whole lot worse than to check out The Dream Achiever System videos – they’re FREE and provide quite a bit of useful information already.

Obviously, this will hardly be the last you’ll hear of this, so stay tuned!
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Comments to: Given Up On Your Dreams? Not So Fast!
  • June 15, 2019

    I do not recommend this program. all the people who supposedly used it and achieved their goals, argue that they stopped using it because it was very laborious.
    I have spent several years using the Dream Achiever Program and comparing it with the tiny habits, my conclusion is that it is better the tiny habits and not be wasting time with so many exercises.
    I think that the CT is a waste of time if one is procrastinator or has problems in the achievement of goals and objectives.
    It is my conclusion after applying it for some objectives since 2010. And after measuring the time it took me and the achievements and comparing them with tiny habits, there is no comparison. Many times you buy these products looking for the magic solution and it is not.

  • June 26, 2019

    You may be right. Since writing this, I have come to similar conclusions, though some of the fundamentals still stand.

    I’m not familiar with tiny habits yet, but sounds promising.

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