Another topic that comes up a lot.

Actually, it should, but only those entrepreneurs perceptive enough to ask the right question will ever solve this riddle.

Here’s the question:

How do I ensure I have enough leverage in my online business in order to make a decent living in my online business – considering I don’t have the cash to hire a team right from the start?

Fair question.

We all know where the solopreneur version of the internet marketer can lead to (it’s not pretty and Rich Schefren visualized it perfectly five years ago so let’s not go there).

So here are the three basic ways you can make decent money online, regardless of the resources you have at the start:

  1. Have a great product, get some great joint venture partners to promote for you.I’ve done this many times and it’s actually how I first found success online. You can create an information product of your own in a weekend. You can license an offline product for online sales (which is what I did first). You can co-create a product with a friend or business partner.When you have a product that actually stands out and has some real positioning mojo behind it, it shouldn’t be much of a problem finding at least a few great JV partners to promote for you.

    Of course, this hinges on your belief that you can create a product that deserves attention and attracts affiliates like crazy.

  2. Have a list, mail out a high value offer. When you have a list of, say oh 5000 relatively fresh subscribers, it’s a fair assumption that you can make an okay living out of it. Even less can do if you have a great relationship with those people and they’re really gung-ho about the topic you’re about.This could be an online training course, a business-in-a-box type offer, a methodology everyone in your market craves to know how to do. High expectation, high value, high price. You get the picture.

    Of course, this model also hinges on your belief that you can charge a lot (you can overcome worthiness issues) and have no problem persuading an audience – even remotely.

  3. Find someone who has #1 or #2 and offer a high-value service such as copywriting or product launch management. I’ve been doing a fair amount of this lately, it just happens to suit me.Just look at your past experience, skills and aptitudes… then look at what it is the high achievers in the industry need. Then you simply go about offering a service that helps THEM make more money, and pocket  a healthy cheque yourself in the process.

    Of course, this model strongly hinges on your belief that you have the chops to become the go-to guy in helping others make more money using your unique skills – and actually find the people who need such services.

So that’s about it. Three very basic models anyone can get and put to work for themselves. All it takes is… no, hold that thought.

Sure, there’s arbitrage, brokerage and many other kinds of ‘hacky’ ways to great income online, and of course buying and selling… but when starting from scratch without any super skills and perhaps little to invest, those three are pretty much it.

Obviously there are variations, but what I really want to impress upon you here is that you need to take care of your leverage, so you won’t get lost in the sea of endless activity for results that are simply out of whack.

Especially if you’re approching this as a ‘lone wolf’ with no team to support you, virtual or otherwise.

Alright, So… What It Takes.

Did you happen to see a pattern emerge in that list of three?

Something about belief in your ability to take one of those models and make it work for you? Then take another and patch the business model. Then take the third and have an almost foolproof model for money on demand.

Like how that sounds? A lot of people do. Internet based business has become the new money-on-the-side hobby of this decade, now that fewer people believe in investing in the stock market, ahem….

Anyway – Here’s the Reason Why So Few Succeed Online

It’s got to do with how the mind works.

You set out to replace your income, create a significant extra income, or even to become rich through your newfangled online venture.

You get educated, you get the tech, you get to work… and yet, somehow it’s not happening.

Why? Very likely because your goal (more often a hope) of income gain is grossly out of whack with the amount of work you line up for yourself to do!

You. Need. Leverage!

It’s NOT rocket science, and yet every month countless people manage to overlook this.

Don’t be like them. Find the belief within yourself to do what needs to be done, at a level where you can tap into one of the three forms of leverage readily available.

When you do THAT, you’ll separate from the growing scores of me-too marketers who never stand for anything.

If you want real income online, you need LEVERAGE.

If you want leverage, you need BELIEF.

Can’t go one without the other.

Stand up and profit!
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