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Making Mistakes is Human, However…

…just don’t make it a way of life.

A few years ago I worked at this consultancy where the first thing they gave me was this big ass eraser that said “For Really Big Mistakes”.

Alright then, now let’s focus on success, not mistakes or obstacles…

A really nice sentiment, indicating that experimenting is now okay, and even making mistakes… because that also implies you’ll also hit some home runs.

All well and good.

But some people take this all too personally.

It’s as if they think there’s some God-given right to mess up as many times as possible because hey we’re all human and in the end the numbers work out.

Because eh what… mistakes are supposed to make you succeed?

Not at ALL true.

So yes, part of being human is the ability to learn. Learn from your mistakes.

But MUCH more importantly: learn from your successes!

Adapt your thinking, adjust your actions, triangulate it all until you hit it right.

Again and again.


So get more concerned with hitting home runs – conventional or not – and stop obsessing over mistakes. I for one have learned more from success than from failures. It’s much more fun, too. 🙂


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Comments to: Making Mistakes is Human, However…
  • July 21, 2017

    Great post! Its really true making mistake is normal and don’t know why few people make it a fuss that they are not human being or alien. Thanks for post it really good and keep sharing good thing

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