In the internet marketing game, there’s one thing you keep hearing over and over and over:

Just start taking massive action, baby!

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And it’s true. Filled with the power of purpose, simply taking action can take you from standstill to your first results and more. No argument there whatsoever.

However… where a lot of people seem to stumble is getting the momentum, and actually repeating those results.

Instead, they end up starting from scratch again and again, losing heart massively, instead of profiting massively.

So what’s the solution?

In my own experience, and a lot of those I’ve guided through the process, it’s something called THE COMPLETION CYCLE.

Instead of just jumping into action without a clearly defined goal, let alone motivation…


Instead of just writing articles or driving traffic to an offer or creating a product…

Take a goal that will actually mean something.

For instance: getting an information product done, out there, and selling.

That’s right, an actual OUTCOME you want to see completed and in your lap.

That will take all the complexity out of it and you’ll end up doing only the things that matter, instead of getting lost in a maze of how-to’s and to-do’s.

This was the approach I used for years to successfully guide newbie entrepreneurs to their first success in my now long closed coaching program.

(The approach is as valid as ever, but it was also kind of tiring for me to to it that way, so I decided to change gears.)


You’re right, there are all the small tasks that become their own completion cycles as well.

  • Learn to do a sales letter right one time, then you do it faster and easier the next time.
  • Create a graphic for your product, or have it done, and the next time it’s just an afterthought.
  • Do a real product launch RIGHT one time, and the next time you’ll do it in your sleep.

This is how a lot of people seem to WANT to learn, and I can appreciate that.

That’s why I’m in now in the planning stages of helping people piecemeal… in a way that’s most palatable to them. Not everyone wants to do the bum-rush-school-of-marketing, it turns out 🙂 so I too am adjusting.

Anyway, enough about me. This was about getting YOU to understand and appreciate that a COMPLETION CYCLE is one of the most valuable habits you could ever get into.

Especially in the online business, where there are so many things to do and to complete before you ever see a complete result. So the key is in getting really good at completing things, and then doing it easier and easier, again and again.

Sound good? I hope so, because I assure you, it DOES get easier!
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