Do you believe in God?

Do you believe in a higher power?

Do you believe in the Law of Attraction?

Whatever you believe in — even if you find it tough believing in anything larger at work in your life — you can always…

Believe in evidence.

Because whatever is happening in your life – whatever is turning up; good or bad, progressive or regressive… something is causing it.

And if you believe in that, then you know you can locate and change that cause, and in doing so change your results.

If you know whatever that cause is, it is within… then there is NO reason to go without.

So. Look at the evidence in your life. See what’s causing what.

However beautiful the strategy,
you should occasionally look at the results”
-Winston Churchill

THEN… here’s the kicker.

Start creating effects without any regard for having a cause.

That’s correct my doubting friend. 🙂

You CAN (and often do without knowing it) create an effect without any more of a cause than what’s going on in your mind, in your own consciousness.

There IS magic to achieving goals, and this is precisely it. Set out to achieve something, without knowing exactly how. Just follow the next thought that comes up, and then the next.

It is also possible to achieve things the hard way – and people easily lapse back into it – you know, looking for that something specific that will give you that amount of money, that new house, that new car. The Logic.

It’s not necessary. And I know this will take a LOT more explaining, but just in case you’re the experimenting type… just give it a shot.

Cause and effect is always in effect. The beautiful thing is though, human consciousness encompasses it all. So you CAN just focus on creating an effect with no regard to the cause.

SEE the effect, and you will BE the cause.
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