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CopyCast #8: Buying On Emotion

Hey there, long time since the last CopyCast, yeah?

Here comes a new episode I was spurred on to create as I kept getting into the same discussion about what ultimately causes people to buy a certain product – or not.

In short, people generally buy based on emotion and use other specifics of the offer or the product to justify this to themselves.

Don’t believe me? Well – have you ever tried to get excited about buying a new dishwasher, for instance… hard work, ain’t it! 😀 (I have, by the way… took a while to find the angle to bring myself to do it… )

So if you’re interested in what really, ultimately causes people to buy, listen to this quickie episode. The main points here are:

  1. The Emotional Payoff every good offer must have
  2. The difference between the direct payoff and the indirect payoff
  3. A practical exercise to quickly grasp this and apply to your own marketing!

It’s just over 8 minutes, and well worth it I believe. Press play on the player below to listen.

Since people seem to like these podcasts, I’ll try to do them more often – so I’ll see ya soon!

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