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When Did You Last Get Your Sales Copy Tuned Up?

It’s one of those things – you may not notice until it’s too late and you’ve tried everything else.

You may have run the same ineffective or semi effective copy on your web site, emails and everywhere… and one day you wake and wonder why the sales isn’t pouring in 🙂

Much like weigh gain, “copy cruft” happens when you’re not really paying attention.

“When did this happen?”

When exactly did I get this fat?

When did my sales copy become this bloated mess?”


So every once in a while, your marketing just needs to get its oil changed.


Here’s one rather satisfied customer of mine who felt he certainly got it sorted:

So if you’re currently looking at your sales copy and observing some unsightly flab in there… take a peek in here and get it sorted out.

PS. I honestly didn’t mean to make the video so the waveform looks like an animated super moustache on my man Dan… sorry about that, honest mistake. 🙂

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