Hey, folks!

Long time no writey. So, it’s time for an update for my lovely peeps!

Lately I’ve become enamored by this thing I call The Love Strategy.

Mi corazon
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The Love Strategy is something that  you can use to really home in on:

  • What you love in life
  • What’s already great in your life
  • What you could focus more on to be even happier
  • Knowing what your ideal life will be like if you keep moving in that direction.

That’s a mouthful, eh?

True, but still very worthwhile. Don’t worry, I’ll explain.

How you get started drawing up your very own Love Strategy is by listing all the things you can honestly say you LOVE – no qualms, no reservations, no nothing.

They can be personal, impersonal, professional, one-time flukes, whatever… as long as they all bring out an emotion that says ‘THIS is what I’m about, THIS is something I wish I could have all the time and share with other people’.

The important thing about this is that you don’t hold ANYTHING back, and listen to every suggestion your mind comes up with to put on that list.

It needs to be about things that make you audibly go ‘AHHHH…..’ and put the widest smile on your face! Instead of some lukewarm ‘well I kinda like this too’. So make sure every item on your list is something that truly makes your day.

looking thru your heart
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These things come in all shapes and forms, some examples could be:

“Walking by myself, window-shopping and not minding the time”

“Wearing clean, stylish clothes, being well groomed”

“Reading great epic stories that touch my soul”

“Helping a friend when they don’t expect to be helped”

“The rhythm, style and the strategy in playing golf”

“Sharing inspiring stories and new information among true friends”

“Being the host of feasts and parties”

“Making spontaneous speeches in front of a receptive, loving crowd”

“Helping people see a new, bright future”

“Being in bright, spaceous, luxurious spaces…”

“Driving a fine car complimenting my personality”

“Listening to trance-inducing chants from ancient traditions”

(“_______________”) – <censored for family viewing 🙂 >

And so on. I think you’ll get the idea once you do this yourself.

(Mind you: these come from both my own personal list and from another list created by someone else. I’m not telling which ones are mine. 😉 )

These are just to give you an idea – your Love Strategy components could be wildly different, too.

Now, once you do your list (I recommend to put at least 20-30 items on it), how do you figure out what it actually means?

Okay. As you can see from even the examples above, it’s not always immediately clear what it all means. It may seem that the items you listed have nothing to do with each other.

But as you dig deeper and keep going over your list with feeling… something will eventually click. It may be that what you described is actually a dream lifestyle, an outcome of truly going after what you love!

Then as you reverse engineer it, thinking “well, what must have happened for my life to look and feel like this?”, you’ll start landing some clues as to what actions to take right now, to get there as quickly as possible.

Perhaps a lightbulb will go off, showing you what kind of life you’d love to lead the most. Maybe your next career move. Who knows, maybe a change in your relationships.

Whatever it is, you’ll know it’s right for you because it’s based on Unconditional Love, something you appreciate on your very deepest, innermost, personal level.

And then, all you need to do is follow it, adapt it, live it, share it… and then love it some more.

After all, as The Beatles taught us decades ago… All You Need Is Love!

All You Need
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So… until next time, Lots of Luuuurve! 😉

PS. Here’s an important addendum to the Love Strategy: if you’re now in a frame of mind where you can’t seem to find the things you love… perhaps there’s something difficult happening in your life, then do the following exercise first. Complete this sentence multiple times: “What I love about this situation is…” -ending in, for instance, “…having the opportunity to really plan out what I want to do next” or “…ridding my life of any negativity so I can live free again”. Doing this helps you shift your awareness to that silver lining (it’s always there you know), and then you’ll find it much easier to come up with those things you do love unconditionally, and then go about creating your very own Love Strategy!

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