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The Three Pillars Of All-Round Success, Part II

Okay friends and followers,

There’s something I need to clarify about my recent post on The Three Pillars Of All-Round Success.

Because there’s one thing that can make or break the whole thing.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing missing in the three-way equation per se. However, there is something that can profoundly alter the slant you’re getting from each, and therefore the ultimate results  you get.

Namely, it all needs to be approached in a POSITIVE, constructive way.

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Just like The Science of Getting Rich says: “negativity is the only thing that can undermine your results”.

So let’s take this one at a time once again:

1. Brutal honesty – what some people seem to think this is, is that you berate and belittle yourself and your chances. In other words, brutalize yourself. That couldn’t be farther from the truth of it. Brutal honesty means that you are completely honest about everything – honest about what line of work suits you the best, honest about where you have the best chances of making money, honest about your personal behavior and its effect on your relations. Honest about what your real passion in life is. Things like that. It also means that if you KNOW deep down you’re really good at something, you don’t let others convince you otherwise. You don’t even so much as let air spill out from their mouths. That’s the kind of positive determination and self-trust you need to succeed.

2. Being goal conscious – here the misconception seems to be that you need to be obsessed, no, almost possessed by your goals. Another negative misinterpretation. What being goal conscious really means is you simply use the various layers of your mind to manage your goals, and your advancement towards them. You never lose sight of your goals… subconsciously! That’s a HUGE difference in practical reality. There’s no need to be obsessed by goals, achivement, self-aggrandizement or any of that nonsense. You simply let your subconscious to direct you towards your goal, gently suggest things to do to go in the direction of those goals. Your part then is simply to listen, heed that advice and gently keep taking the right action. Gently. Did you notice the word gently? Alright. 🙂

3. Personal advancement – which some people seem to consider as something akin to self-whipping oneself. Forcing oneself to do something unpleasant, in order to move forward in life. Not only is that unnecessary, it’s downright counterproductive! I mean sure, sometimes it’s good to step outside the comfort zone and go for something that feels a little unpleasant AT FIRST. But that’s a far cry from the self-inflicted personal development prison some people treat themselves to. Come on. Life’s supposed to feel good. And as Abraham says… the only reason you want to do something is that somehow you wish it will make you feel better. Truer words never were said.  So for goodness’ sakes – do what works for you! And when you feel energized and happier doing that, you will inevitably evolve.

End of lesson. 🙂

Now… What if you wanted to put all this to the test? Like, a Real World Test?

Anneli Asplund and myself have put together a course called Prosperity Consciousness which shows you how to find not only success in whatever you like to do, but financial success doing exactly that.

Prosperity Consciousness - the way to forge prosperity out of anything
Prosperity Consciousness - the way to forge prosperity out of anything

The first round is just about to conclude now, and the feedback so far has been superb. Here’s one comment:

“You give me an overwhelming sense that you really care when I listen to your voices and it is incredible how doing a few simple things can make such a huge difference!”

So if you don’t like the idea of reading yet another ‘free PDF’ that will only waste your time, step in and let Real World Prosperity Consciousness seep in watching this video series. And make you prosperous in the process.

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  • April 11, 2011

    Looks like a good Strategy,

    That’s exactly why for example on my Digital Camera-ideas blog I recently wrote a post about what Digital Camera I enjoy using myself, and that I also have links from other Digital Camera’s on that Blog because they happen to be bought by many people, and happen to be on the Bestsellerlists. Writing about the fact that I have put them there only because they happen to sell good, and not because I personally have experience with them. (BTW you can find the post at:

    For what Goals is concerned, I really love to use a Whiteboard to be able to drill Goals into my (sub)consioussness. (BTW that’s why I (pre) sell them on my Home Business Lifestyle Blog)

    For what Personal Advancement is concerned,
    I do belief that

    ‘The – Fruits – are in the Roots’ 🙂

    All the Best,
    To your Happy – Home Business – Inspiration,

  • April 11, 2011

    Whiteboards are great. I used to have them plastered all over my office. I’m back into an almost-all-digital experiment, but we’ll see how long that’ll last. 😉

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