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Creating Video Fast And Easy In 2010

I vividly remember the first video calls I made over the internet with just my computer.

It must have been late 2005 or so, and I was trying to hook up a video call between my brother and myself, using some bubblegum contraption that used Skype for connection, some third party program to hook up the video stream, and an external Logitech webcam teetering on top of my HP laptop’s screen (making my then powerful laptop huff and puff as if about to blow up!).

It was difficult and took a long time to set it all up, but that was also part of the fun back in 2005.

However, when I tried to make online video for professional purposes… the fun wasn’t there anymore. After all, when you’re trying to do something for a purpose, you want it to go fast and easy, and enhance the experience, and not become a hindrance.

Run Justin Run
Creative Commons License photo credit: sheriffmitchell

That was 2005 though, and now we’re well into 2010 on our way to the famed year 2012 when things change more permanently. Be that as it may, but one thing is definitely already different.

Video is now an integral part of everything that happens online, and almost a mandatory part of online business. So whether you’re ‘just’ creating content online, or selling anything at all… you’ve no doubt had to face the decision: do video, or keep holding it off.

And the equipment is different too: inexpensive flip cams, powerful personal computers to process the clips, and of course YouTube to distribute it all. It’s quite a different picture.

And yet one thing stays the same: the human element of making sense of it all, and knowing how to set up your video production so it happens at the speed of thought… only a handful of people know how to REALLY do it.

One of those people is my old buddy Gideon Shalwick, who in the last few years has perfected the art of doing quick quality videos down to a science.

Today he’s released a video that shows you exactly how it is:

A Behind The Scenes Look At Super Fast Video Creation

The video is just 30 minutes long, and chock full of practical tips straight out of Gideon’s simple home studio setup.

So if you’re planning to do any video, for any purpose, I’m betting watching his video will prove a very good investment of your time.

Race you there! šŸ™‚

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