Sometimes in online marketing, you really don’t need to reinvent the wheel.

Instead, you can utilize tiny little tactics, tricks even, that can boost the effectiveness of your marketing, sometimes dramatically.

But you do need to actually use them, to get the effect. 🙂

Not just think about it or – as is often the case – pooh-pooh them as something too small to have an effect.

Or old hat.

Get this – it’s NOT just the new strategies that come with big leverage. In fact it’s often the opposite, because everyone’s using them.

At any rate, let’s go over three such tiny leverage generators. 

  • Personalized URLs

Personalized URLs or PURLs work like crazy. It seems like such a tiny trick, but does a lot to tie the offering to the audience. And the fact that they’re used so little these days… even better. Here’s an example of a past campaign of mine. Also, there are plugins that make this easy now, and CRMs provide the tokens to use. Instant intimacy.


  • Countdown Timers

This is another little tactic that seems so… early 2000’s I guess. Everyone was doing those silly countdowns – seats left, time left, and so on. And you know what… it STILL works. It just seems cheesy enough that people don’t use it a lot. Scarcity is a powerful trigger, when used right. And within a promotional timeline – a product launch for instance – you can and should use countdowns multiple times. Works works works.


  • Strategic Images

As a copywriter, I’m all about the text of course. But I’m not blind to how people react on a web page, either. Their eyes actively seek things to anchor into – some image, some element that would give them more information or more emotion… faster. That’s why strategically chosen images are excellent. And the other reason why they work is it gives you an excuse to write another headline of sorts… in the form of legend text, combined with a link in the case of email.

“Look at me pinching the point between my eyebrows, denoting deep concentration… means I’m serious about helping you. Also look at my gold watch, which means you can have it too if you work with me.” 🙂

So try these three tiny tactics in your marketing the next time you promote something. You’ll see that tiny tactics stacked on top of each other… can amount to a great effect! Tune in for three more tiny tactics with large leverage soon.
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