“Offers! Delicious Offers! Get them while they last!”
-there’s a customer born every minute…

Wouldn’t it be NICE?

To not only get a dribble of sales here and there, or even some solid response to a campaign or launch you put out there once in a while…

But to have people get into an outright HABIT of buying from you, again and again, almost as an afterthought… as soon as they see you put out something new to buy again.

Almost like an automated, physically triggered Pavlovian reaction!

How would that feel like to you? Would that be a nice position to be in? Alright…

Say… Have You Noticed How Easily You Buy?

Even people who really should know better… are constantly buying into these short, super appealing OTOs (One Time Offers).

Yes, I’m talking about AppSumo. As an example.

(By the way – I’m not saying it’s a bad thing – a lot of these offers ARE fantastic value)

So here’s the interesting thing: even after not using the product they bought, even once… months after purchase, they’re STILL happy they took the offer.

HOW can that be? Or WHY? 

I’ll tell you why.

It’s because they still remember how great a deal they got, how great the buying experience was, and who knows.. “one day” they’ll use it.

When they’re ready. When the stars align. When the opportunity presents itself.

Whatever the overriding thought may be.

Even more curiously – these are often products that normally wouldn’t necessarily raise much attention in your world — very little if at all! 

So why on earth would people fall over themselves to buy that same product on a different OFFER?

Go figure. Such are the ways of SIO. No, not SEO…


So is there a formula to this stuff, at all?

A formula you could follow and adapt, too?

There sure is.

And I’m going to teach it to you, warts and all.

But before we get to that, let’s get to the bottom of this AppSumo thing. How exactly do what they do, so effectively? Let’s count the ways.

What makes AppSumo offers so irresistible:

  • Proven opportunity – these are not new products, typically, but existing offers. Some definite ‘AppSumo seal of approval’ action going on here.
  • Brevity – they don’t hit you over the head with super long copy, videos, endless specs about the product… just the essentials, enough for you to get excited and jump on the bandwagon. It’s all about generating that impulse and then getting out of the way of your purchase.
  • Monetary savings – often outrageous if not dang nigh unbelievable. Money matters in offers, folks… usually it’s either a promise to get more of it, or save big in proportion to what you’re getting. Either works as long as you clearly make your case.
  • Bought here before – it’s not just about loyalty, this goes right down to your nervous system. If you’ve been around the block before, you’ve had the impulse buying experience before and were delighted, your mind AND body supports you going back, again and again.
  • Others recommend and enthusiastically share their results – for store credits, yes, but still. A really good recommendation, endorsement or testimonial works as a ‘marketing bypass’, even. This means a recommendation that feels personally identifiable to you, exciting and believable… is likely to fast forward your finger to the order button.
  • Demonstration – a lot of the best offers include a successful demonstration of the product, in a screen capture video, as a case study or otherwise. The strongest form of proof.
  • Comments & reviews confirm the offer is worthy. Each sales page has an active commenting section where common obstacles to sales will be tackled. Further social proof, even done for you!
  • Visuals: narrow column, large font, yellow for contrast, a couple of images to anchor the visuals. All to support easy readability, sufficient contrast and believability.
  • OTO Restrictions: Limited time, quantity, local timer + expiration, scarcity stacked so many times over it ‘takes’ for sure.
  • People love to go and buy again, have that experience again… you’ve heard how people love to buy instead of being sold to… well, here’s a prime example of where people go to BUY.
  • High relevancy + deadline combination makes the offer seem like an almost dream come true – and the low enough price makes it a negligible investment
  • Replacement or backup offers – “I’ll need this one day” in case something breaks or I’ll have this need one day down the road.

So. I think that’s enough to help you see a little bit how SIO’s are put together.

If you want a one-page crash course into generating standout offers, go ownload this free PDF on me. For more advanced offer construction, watch this space for more.

PS. In case you’re interested, the particular offer that spurred this article (now obsolete, of course) was this one.



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