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The Hot Links That Mattered in January 2014


A rather large selection of links from last month, did I have more time on my hands than usual, hmmm?

Definitely maybe. 🙂

Without further ado, here we go:


10 Web Analytics Trends for 2014 – well, kind of self-explanatory there…

We Heart It – emotion sells, find the images for it here.

Unroll.me – manage your email subscriptions! Hallelujah!

7 Killer Ways to Connect With Your Audience – a great list, a very helpful article if you do any public speaking at all

Sketchnotes – how you can learn to do those nifty sketch recordings!

BrainSins – Personalization for e-commerce. Some competition for Frosmo, I guess.


Conductrics – for “Real-Time” Conversion Optimization, whatever that means… investigating.

CRO Monitor – Now THIS is one sneaky tool. Lets you find out what OTHER people are testing on their sites…

Splyt Analytics – A promising specialized analytics tool…

Artisan – an A/B testing and personalization tool for mobile apps

Apptimize – another A/B testing tool for iOS and Android specifically 

iExplorer – how to manage your iOS devices’ content directly… VERY helpful.


The 25 Articles of Clothing Every Man Must Own – yes, its time for some male fashion tips once again 😉

27 Unspoken Suit Rules Every Man Should Know – Aaand here’s some more in that same thread, so to speak…

City Mapper – great app for getting around some big cities. I love using it in London.

Beliefs that make you richer – just what it says. Good stuff, tread carefully…

Storehouse – when even Momentage isn’t quite enough… create a whole rich story!

Momentage app – for those times when Instagram isn’t quite enough to capture the moment

Productivity & More

Inside.com – is human-curated news better? Give Jason Calacanis’ new site (and iOS app) a whirl and decide for yourself

LiveMinutes – collaborate on Evernote, easily

MoFi from Blue – finally, true hi-fi quality on your earbuds!

13 Beautiful Examples of White Type in Web Design

Practical Typography – just what it says. supremely useful and practical

Meetin.gs – take a wild guess 😉

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