Let’s look at three surprising traits of truly successful copywriters (and all marketers really, let’s be honest).

If you look at some of the newcomer, mostly junior copywriters around talking about their work you’d think the whole profession is all about just “being awesome”.

Or at the very least “more awesomer” than the next guy. 😀

That somehow this whole copy gig is all about your awesome magic ability, your world class teachers and your self aggrandizement ability and whatnot…

But the actual reality of the copywriting business is very very different.

In fact, the best of the best are characterized by a couple of traits startlingly different from these young guns flexing their stuff on the Facebooks (no offense, we all have to start somewhere and you’re making an effort so good on you for going for it).

These are some of the essential of successful copywriters’ traits you wouldn’t necessarily guess looking in from the outside.

Number ONE – they are very, VERY focused on their clients’ business

It’s not even nearly enough to just know enough about the product to be able to write about it. Honestly, the pro copywriters (and any marketer worth their salt, to be honest) simply immerse themselves almost completely into their client’s business.

Not just the product either, but all the ins and outs of it – the founders, the backstory, their best customers, where the value lurks, all that. Almost as if disappearing into it all.

Because when they come up for air again, it’s all become crystal clear and the hooks, the angles, the storylines align beautifully and the ‘heavy lifting’ part isn’t really that heavy lifting.

Number TWO – They Choose Their Writing Actions Based on Results

That’s correct, pretty much completely based on the results-producing ability of every single choice they make.

Nothing written is cute, for looks or anything of the sort.

It’s not always obvious on the surface though, what the underlying directive is for the copywriter. But rest assured, if they’re truly worth their invoice, they do gear EVERYTHING around making the eventual sale. They map out the mental process of the customer, they list the objections and overcome them, they carefully side-step any known deal-killers.

That’s why copywriting remains on of those rare crafts where you need the right brain and the left brain equally. You need to bring in creativity to come up with approaches that work, but also the engineer-like discipline and precision to write it in a way that truly keeps the attention and brings home the bacon.

Number THREE – They Actually Do Their Own Thinking

That’s right, as much as I’ve enjoyed all the classics of copywriting and regularly go back to them for inspiration…

I do my own thinking. And applying of insights. And making of choices as I write. And so on.

And so it goes.

Everyone even halfway good in this profession needs to develop the confidence and belief in themselves to do their own thinking.

Only then will you gain the… I guess ‘charisma’ of being the ONE person people look to for answers, when it comes to your particular expertise.

Part of that charisma actually comes from experience – having done enough raw repetition to see the forest for the trees.

Part of it is your ability to put things in words that people will easily understand.

The last part is harder to imitate… because that’s the innate talent you’re born with and communicate even without trying.

But even without ANY of that… When you actually do your own thinking, and stand behind it, that alone helps you stand out in this sea of… well, let’s be kind and merely say copycats. Be a real Copy Cat, not a copycat. 

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Comments to: Three Surprising Traits of Super Successful Copywriters
  • June 28, 2019


    As a business owner of a complex offering, cybernetic transposition I intuitively felt that whoever wanted to work with me had to have an understanding of or at least a value for that work.

    I really appreciate what you wrote here that they need to understand also the backstory probably even the motivation of the business owner.

    Copy writing is almost like you have to get into their head in the heart of the business owner to be able to speak like them and in a way that influences the next action.

    Thank you for the post!

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