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A Lesson in Hospitality Marketing

A Lesson in Hospitality Marketing

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A big stack of go-here type of cards at a hotel in Helsinki.

See which three have actually had ANY interest from visitors?
Yes, the 1st, 2nd and 5th on the bottom row.

  • 1st one is about local flavors dining, clearly stated.
  • 2nd is Grill & Chill, universal feelgood comfort food.
  • 5th is a specialty, the Arctic Ice Bar.

What’s good about all of them?

Clarity of concept, high impact colors and layout, and ONE appealing option each, with clear instructions how to get there.

And above all, knowing what visitors are actually interested in.

Not too hard at all… is it?

(click through on the image, then click on the three cards for notes)

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