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First Get Attention – Then Shock & Awe

You wouldn’t be much surprised to find Richard Branson as one of the backers of this new money transfer startup… would you?

Stepping out in style... making a statement...
Stepping out in style… making a statement…

Nor would you walk past these bus stops without at least chuckling to yourself, would you…

What's that? A bunch of currencies you see...
What’s that? A bunch of currencies you see…

But would you go THIS far in your marketing? A guerrilla campaign for good measure, in the London tube system:

"Nothing to hide", indeed!
“Nothing to hide”, indeed!

Branson & co engineering yet another lesson in how to break out in force, even in the toughest industries known to man.

It doesn’t always work, granted, but if you’re not brave enough to try, you’ll never now.

Munch on that.

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Comments to: First Get Attention – Then Shock & Awe
  • July 16, 2014

    I’ve always thought marketing tactics like this work with most audiences. Those that are insulted or offended often forget about it within a matter of minutes. They move on with their lives. Creative thinkers usually create the most impact for sure.

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