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What Is Even More Important Than Conversion?

Press play and find out!

So to recap:


…in no order of particular importance, HOWEVER…

Product tends to be the overlooked one, believe it or not.

In truth, you need all three.

Which one are you overlooking the most? Sound off below!

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Comments to: What Is Even More Important Than Conversion?
  • June 30, 2014

    Hey Juho,

    Having that lake and that relaxing environment in the background was really helpful to just relax and really listen and focus.

    I just want to say it all depends on your target audience.
    For an online business, People who will be visit your site are either typing your URL directly which means they are already familiar with your product, or they found you in the search-engine looking for a specific product, that means they are already interested in your product,
    Or traffic is coming through paid ads, but again those visitors would already know what they are clicking on and know what to expect on your site, so i believe in an online example, “PRODUCTIZATION” (i like that word) have very little to do, and you should focus more on conversion and after-sales services.


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