Here’s a Big Question for you to start the week with:

What does your SUSTAINED SUCCESS depend on… in the long term?

To put it short and sweet, it all comes from your inner STATE.

You know, how you’re feeling, sensing, thinking… in a word, how you’re BEING.

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In short, your Being, your State determines the grasp you have on your life.

How do I know that’s true, and how can you verify that for yourself?

Here’s how.

Watch how the Human Experience unfolds every day of your life:

  1. Your STATE determines how you experience everything in life. The state you’re in determines whether your morning coffee feels lukewarm and tired, or awakening and inspiring. It dictates what KIND of experiences you’re going to attract to yourself, whatever is on the table for that day.
  2. Your EXPERIENCE then affects what you believe. Since you experienced it, it must be true. No convincing or mood-making necessary. Quite automatically your experience dictates not only what you believe to be true, but also what you believe is possible next. Unfortunately, bad experiences create bad beliefs, turning into bad expectations. That’s why it’s imperative to handle bad experiences as they happen, so they won’t become the basis for more.
  3. Your BELIEF then becomes your expectation about what’s going to happen next for you. When you believe something to be true, you naturally expect it to show up even more.
  4. Your EXPECTATION then finally causes you to have the results you get in life. Ultimately, it’s the last step where you can intervene and change what’s already coming, on the way to your experience.
  5. Your RESULTS then… again affect your state. If you get great results, and in line with what you want, it will enhance your state. If you get results that don’t feel so great, and far from what you wanted, then you can’t help but be affected by that in your state. Fortunately though, there’s a lot you can do to affect your state, at any and every step of the way!

So it all comes back to your inner STATE, how consistently it is as positive and in congruency with what you want.

How then, can you affect your state? Is it even possible to do that?

And not just your state right now, but your consistent and persistent state – after all, since you want consistent and persistent results as well, that’s how the state must be too.

So what else powerfully affects your state?

  • Your rest vs. activity ratio – if you keep a balanced way of life, you will be more consistent with your inner state
  • The comforts and discomforts you experience – if something distracts or annoys you on a steady basis, see what you can do to make it go away
  • What you digest on a daily basis – not just food but experiences as well. Going to a rock concert, seeing a movie, or witnessing a car accident all require different levels of inner digestion that may affect your otherwise consistent state.
  • What is your physical posture like – because having an upright posture will do the same for your inner posture. I dare you to sit or stand completely upright (but not stiff) and feel depressed. No can do!
  • Have a success routine – something that gets you started every day. As a writer, I have my own. You can create your own that works for you.
  • Read daily affirmations that affect not only your state, but when repeated, directly what you believe as well! If you don’t know where to start, the Problem-Bulldozing Prosperity Prayer is a great place to start.

These are just some of the things anyone can do to maintain a more positive, progressive state that leads to SUSTAINED SUCCESS.

But let’s go a little further from the obvious now.

What can you do to create that state, something that’s a little more than routine, a little more deliberate?

Creative Commons License photo credit: h.koppdelaney

There are many time-honored traditions for affecting one’s state, from meditation to chanting to body movements like tai ji or yoga.

Whether or not you’re ready to take up such practices, there’s something you can always do to change your state.

What is that? You can make STATEMENTS to yourself.

STATE-MENTS… are important because they create your inner STATE from which everything else follows!

Whatever you say in your inner dialog with yourself, affects your state. Because that’s how you frame your reality to yourself, which will then perpetuate into your new realities.

Whatever you state to yourself, resonates as the truth for you. You cannot lie to yourself – not really. Your statements determine your core vibration, so to speak.

And that core vibration is the true Attractor Point – the essence of what you draw to your experience in life!

And the more deliberately you use your power to create the state you want… the more you get the results you want.

So why not begin today:

To change your state, state your change!

Go do it!
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