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Carcast: How to Think of Your Audience

Hey you!

Did you ever get stumped with the dreaded ‘blank paper syndrome’?

Of course you did.

Everybody has some time.

A big fat blank comes to mind when you sit down to write.

So how do you break out of it?

Think of your audience, that’s what.


Here’s how…

In short…

Always remember who you’re talking to, first.

Then imagine yourself actually talking to that person.

(not a big bunch of them)

That’s when the rubber meets the road and you’re no longer in your head.

Everything flows beautifully again.

You remember what your role is in  making things happen.

Try it!

Have a great fall my friend!

I’ll be back soon with more…

Juho Tunkelo

Long time marketing strategist, superstar skills in copywriting and conversion optimization. Ring me up on Skype or send me a free-form email and I’ll lend you a keen ear.

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