1. Copywriting

How’d you like to have this superpower?

Hey. You know what?

Online business is hard.

Certainly harder than when I started in 2005.

But it CAN be made easier with a superpower.

EVERYTHING gets easier with a superpower, believe me. 🙂

Everything I’ve done in these 11 years, from ebooks to product launches to memberships to joint ventures…

Only ONE thing never got ‘out of style’.

The superpower of this X-ray like vision to see which words will convert!

And here’s how you can have it:

When you develop the copywriting x-ray vision… everything gets easier!

Funny, this skill has actually gotten more RARE in proportion than it used to be.

Means YOU have more power as one of the few who possess it!

And it does NOT have to take a long time.

Scr*w those 10,000 hours! 😀

There are NO hard and fast rules.

If you knew how fast I picked up this copywriting x-ray vision… I’d be embarrassed.

But I did NOT achieve this feat alone.

I had highly skilled mentors, as I’ve told you before.

Otherwise who knows how long the fumbling would have gone on.

IF you’d rather skip the fumbling and get to the ‘clucking’ point already…

You’re in a kind of a hurry, actually (enrolment closes after today)

Let me tell you one thing though.

I’m set to personally teach about 50 people next month. Which is crazy.

Speaking gigs, intense workshops, corporate trainings…

But ONLY a small handful of one-on-one Copywriting Mentorship participants.

Who do you think has the best chance of walking away with the copywriting X-ray vision?

Yep, my money’s definitely on my highly valued MENTEES.

I don’t need you to be there.

But you need this superpower.

After you gain the X-ray vision… everything gets easier.

It’s worth it.

I’ll see you there!


Juho Tunkelo
Your ‘words that sell’ Mentor

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