Here’s perhaps my biggest personal piece of discovery from 2016.

Once I discovered how this one key worked to drastically improve one area of my life, I used it to heal and improve several other areas. So I’ll definitely continue to apply it in 2017.

What am I talking about, again?

Oh, just the utterly delicious and super duper results producing… IMMERSION method.


So HOW does this IMMERSION METHOD actually work, then?

The gist of it is right here:

Don’t just try ONE thing to improve an area of your life…
Instead, use as much as five or six, simultaneously!

That’s right, flood or even damn near overwhelm your system with multiple correct signals at once!

For instance, I decided I needed to drastically improve my immunity. So I started taking things like turmeric, echinacea, and a bunch of other lesser known things.. and not only did I breeze through the flu season, my energy levels kept rising as I was able to keep going, uninterrupted.

You want to do this because you may not know which one will ultimately do the trick.
So as long as they’re not contradictory, just combine them.

The combined effort will do the trick and all but forces you to break through.

That’s a pretty deep secret right there:

A COMBINATION of correct signals produces something completely new and different.

In the end, it’s your personal COMMITMENT to succeed that makes it all work.

Just know that commitment is so much easier to come by when you just start up a new regimen that combines a number of protocols at once.

Am I the only one thinking this way? Far from it.

In fact, as I’m writing this I realize I’ve inadvertently picked up a thing or two from my good friend Mikko Kemppe, biohacker extraordinaire.

He’s always going on about how you should be perpetually improving every major area of your being: mental, physical and emotional. And the more you do that, the more accumulated results you will end up with, faster and faster.

But here’s the thing my friend.

When you ask a truly successful person how’d they do it, what’s their SECRET… they just… kind of shrug.

Because what they did was a LOT of things all mixed together, and the COMBINED effect was the ultimate success factor.

For instance, Joe Vitale has repeatedly said as much when asked what’s his secret (fair enough, as he did star in the movie The Secret and all) so his answer has been – and I’m paraphrasing here for effect:

“I did EVERYTHING” to succeed. Not just one single thing. Every. Thing. And continue to do that.” 

So if you know me, you’re wondering what all this has to do with marketing, making gobs of dollars, yens and euros in business… that kinda stuff.

Well, how this applies to marketing is… you just make more offers to the markeplace.

BOOM < KABOOMX6 (if you catch my drift)

You don’t just approach ONE client you’d like to have… you approach half a dozen, or maybe a full dozen!

You don’t just offer one ebook or course, you prepare a collection of them to find the ONE that hits!

By the way: if you haven’t downloaded the rather helpful Stand Out Offers one-sheet, you can do so here.

Just remember – success is always just around the corner. Guessing which way gets there may be counterproductive or just takes too long – so mix and match to make sure you get there!
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