Have you ever thought of what makes you buy something?

If you’re a marketer, you probably know that perceived value plays a very big part in that.

And a big part of that perceived value lies in getting something tangible.

Yes, even in this age of digital products, information products and zero delivery cost, hardware matters.

Let me give you a little hint: it wasn’t Napster that finally revolutionized the music industry – it was the iPod.


The iPod/iTunes combo finally revolutionized
the music business… which industry will be next?

Creative Commons License photo credit: andrew_stawarz

Give people something they can love, find use for and most importantly, find convenient…and you could have a customer for life!

I’ve talked about the revolution in delivery before, and here’s a few more product ideas for you to ponder:

  • An Amazon Kindle pre-loaded with extensive written material (you not only control what they consume, you also control how they consume it)
  • An iPod Touch pre-loaded with a video course (option for monthly updates)
  • A prepaid mobile phone to call you for coaching, advice (a personal hotline for high-value customers)
  • A specialized stopwatch that helps achieve a specific task (e.g. for fitness training)
  • A mini DVD-player with bundled content (branded appropriately, of course)
  • A fully loaded laptop geared towards a specific goal such as setting up an online business (including software, how-to’s, videos, spreadsheets, interface to support, everything imaginable)
  • And so on, you get the idea…

Amazon Kindle

The all-new Amazon Kindle ebook reader,
ripe for hardware marketing?

Creative Commons License photo credit: robertnelson

Three special benefits when people buy an appealing hardware+software combo product from you:

  1. The hardware will act as a stick strategy long after the content has lost its interest (translates to less refunds)
  2. In a lot of cases there’s a possibility for continuous updates (a.k.a. recurring revenue).
  3. PLUS there’s the prestige of having YOUR device with your branding on it, on your customer’s table, reminding them that they’re a customer of yours (hence, they’re more likely to pay attention to incoming messages from you).

What’s not to like, eh? All it takes is a transformation in approach, and you could create customers for life.

Get started today – within the next 12-14 months you’ll see many more jump on this bandwagon!

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