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The Copyist Newsletter – 2010 Holiday Edition

Just in case you’re not yet a subscriber of my PDF newsletter The Copyist

Here’s a heads-up for you:

The 2010 Holiday Edition is now ready for download!
The newsletter for people who like things that work
The newsletter for people who like things that work
In this issue you’ll find:

  • Back to Basics: is your marketer’s focus’ in the right place –
    ensuring you make the most?
  • The Patron Saint of All Internet Marketers
  • The Key to making the absolute most in any business!
  • The Angry Birds marketing plan 🙂
  • A Sneaky Strategy to create outrageously profitable products
  • How to Squeeze the most out of your squeeze pages!

And a few more things. I bet you a dollar you’ll like it.

So go ahead and eat it all up – fitting practice before the holidays, hmm? 🙂

Here’s to your limitless, unbounded success in 2011 and beyond!

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Comments to: The Copyist Newsletter – 2010 Holiday Edition
  • December 27, 2010

    Hi Mr Juho Tunkelo :

    I understand you don’t sell the Effortless Freedom Online anymore, is there a new course that has replaced this?

    By the way, I know you through a review that you’ve made about Mr Stuart Lichtman’s “How To Get Lots Of Money For Anything Fast”. I know your life (including your wife) has turned for the better after you’re read and practised the steps.

    Merry Christmas!

  • December 27, 2010

    Hey Tony, thanks for dropping by! I responded via email to your question about the course. Glad you’re interested in Stuart’s stuff, it can work out great.


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