One of the most surprising things to learn in marketing is…


And if you know me as the direct response guy always gunning for the response, gunning for the sale… that may not compute immediately.

But when you dig a little deeper into any successful business endeavor, things start to happen when patience sets in and you’re no longer trying to get the quick win so hard.

There’s a saying that ‘money likes speed’ and that’s very much true. When you get a clear inspiration to do something in business, a product idea, a promotion, anything… if you act quickly, you’re often rewarded.

But I’ve found that patience can be equally important, if not more so.

Turns out patience is not only a virtue... but ultimately very profitable!

Writing takes patience… as does ANY worthwhile endeavor. 

So here’s why you should cultivate patience:

  • You need to have patience to choose right (or you’ll waste time and retrace your steps, lose time)
  • You need patience to do things in the right sequence (or whatever you’re building could collapse)
  • You need patience to put it all together (a half-built machine doesn’t work all that well)
  • You need patience to wait for the response (yes, quick wins are great but to get the real picture, it’s better to be patient and form a real view of what’s going on)

And there’s more…

  • You need patience to build a pipeline (to build a real funnel, a series of products, instead of customization that doesn’t scale)
  • You need patience to build character (this is the real test. you don’t want to look like a one-note pitchman over time)
  • You need patience to finish things (getting started quickly is important, but on occasion you need to actually finish stuff and push it out to the marketplace)
  • You need patience to see further than you did before (myopic vision is highly dangerous in business AND in life!)
  • You need patience to see the whole playing field (seeing the forest for the trees… before you kick start that chainsaw)

How about that… you seeing it yet?

In Short: Patience Makes You Money

Of all people, one video from Mr. Tai Lopez hammered this into me. Couldn’t get past it. He basically said he never had money when he was impatient… and when he started to develop patience, it started showing up.

That was enough for me to take notice, and start seeing this truth in my life and business, and everywhere else I’m looking. It’s true: those who only go for the quick wins never get the big wins. Those who have the patience, will win in business and in life.

Patience saves time otherwise spent spinning wheels… creates success for those who apply it… and yes it even generates money. 

Here’s the tiny caveat though:

You need to employ the RIGHT KIND of patience.

Patience is not just sitting around idly and expecting things come to you.

The right patience is the kind you APPLY in ACTION.

The right kind of patience is what you see wealthy people do:

Wealthy people are never in a hurry, they know what they’re doing, they have options, and have all the time in the world to put things together. PATIENCE. 

Which can be maddening, if you’re on the other side of the fence looking in, right? Which is reason enough to jump over that fence!

So if you live a life where you value results or seek wealth… you’re going to need patience. By all means, grab opportunity as fast as you can, and be super quick to stop anything that’s going wrong. But your success ultimately… may well be a function of your ability to detach a little, and patiently craft a plan, and see it through while course correcting. It’s well worth forgoing the instant gratification.

If you’re in need of a patient, expert eye on your marketing who cares for bottom-line results above all… do get in touch.
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Comments to: Speed or Patience?
  • November 20, 2016

    Hi Juhu,

    I totally agree that patience is an important part of any business. Thanks for sharing these tips.

    Thank you.

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