Okay. So it’s supposed to be gloomy times now.

You can’t really escape all the doomsday talk, no matter how hard you try.

And still, it’s hardly the only game in town… in fact, not by a long shot!

A couple of days ago, I made a little video to talk about it (it’s short, just a couple of minutes).

Check it out:

40 Easy Ways to Create a Miracle from Juho Tunkelo on Vimeo.

In short: the times may be demanding, but there’s an inevitable upside to it.

And a wrote a book about it that you can use today to turn it all around for yourself (there’s actually 40 different ways, so whatever your leanings may be, there’s definitely something for you!)

To see the rest of the story, click on through to the site: https://www.40miracles.com

And as always: Live your life from the perspective of breakthroughs!

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