Recently, I was fortunate to take a comprehensive behavioral test with a prestigious training institute.

It was designed to pinpoint my strengths, weaknesses and other insights into how I work best.

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Instead of divulging those particular secrets about myself, I want to tell you about a little known classification I learned is particularly revealing.

These are the six major values or qualities we all have to varying degrees, revealing where our motivations are.


This is the quality that determines how much you rely on theory, science and reliable data.

Us Finns tend to score very high on this one, a skeptical lot aren’t we. (And yet, easily impressed by flashy gadgets and the like – so it doesn’t necessarily mean anti-emotional.)


This determines how much you focus on getting benefit out of everything around you; your job, the people around you, the products you buy.

Americans typically score high on this one, which shouldn’t come as a surprise, being the #1 financial force in the world.


How much you value aesthetics, be it art, luxury, nature, clothing or outward beauty.

For instance, Italians and Greeks typically score high in this category.


Your social reliance quotient; a.k.a. how much you value social status, networking, friendship, social contact and connections of all kinds.


How much you stress on personal importance, significance, status, competitive edge, even superiority over others.

Many athletes have this quite high, understandably…


Traditional values include religion, spirituality, family values. Can also mean conservative leanings, or adhering to inherited conventions.

Finns again score high on this one, as do the Swiss and the Dutch. Perhaps surprisingly, parts of USA do as well.

Objective Achieved!
Target your market more finely - and you'll hit their hot buttons much easier!

So there it is!

In marketing, the more you manage to speak to each of these values, the more you sell. It’s as simple as that!

And if you know your target market has an extreme leaning on one or more of these, simply adjust your marketing accordingly.

Go and analyze your target market today!

(And get back to my when you want to do something about it 😉 )
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