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Is Unfinished Business Threatening Your Business?

Hello there.

Have you ever stopped to think what kind of baggage you’re carrying around, that might be affecting your business success?

Most people don’t do that, usually not before it’s too late anyway.

And countless good companies get ruined in the process (and it doesn’t have to be that way).

It’s not exactly the kind of thing that the board of directors would discuss, anyway. 😉


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And yet, most if not all business failures are a direct result of human failings.

Failings that don’t even have anything to do with business itself! This is what I mean:

  • Someone may have had a painful divorce, which manifests in difficult partnership negotiations in their business.
  • Another person may have been bullied in school, and as a result they ‘market from their heels’, beating around the bush. Results severely circumvented.
  • Or, yet another person may have had issues with parents, and hence have trouble with their bosses or other authority figures.

All natural, common problems that sadly affect otherwise healthy business.

I think it’s about time someone tackled this issue head-on, and gave us all some tools to deal with this little-talked-about problem.

That someone is Buz McGuire, and his brand new ebook called ‘THE POWER OF RELEASE‘.

It’s got an all-star supporting cast including Joe Vitale, Pat O’Bryan and Mandy Evans, so don’t expect fluff.

This is about hard-core efficiency and productivity secrets!

Get yours here: THE POWER OF RELEASE

It’s time we all dodge the bullet nobody sees coming. Until today!



PS. If you have NO unfinished business at all, I suggest you do one of two things:

  1. Buy the ebook for a friend of yours who you KNOW needs it. Everyone knows someone who does.
  2. Look in the mirror, and think again. And then go get the book yourself. 😉
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Comments to: Is Unfinished Business Threatening Your Business?
  • September 12, 2008

    What a nice blog post! As one of the authors of “The Power of Release I’m glad to see it mentioned.

    In my work I help people to uncover and dismantle limiting beliefs. I’m always amazed and deeply concerned about all of the baggage we all carry around.

    Thanks again for mentioning this program from Buz McGuire.

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