So ya thought I wasn’t even writing the actual, original PDF newsletter anymore?

Frankly… so did I.

I got so many different things cooking up, this got pushed to the side for a bit.

My apologies, if you’ve been waiting for your fill.

Anyhoo, it’s there right now, expecting your hungry little hands.

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Whether you're a business owner or a marketer... it's time to get educated!
Whether you’re a business owner or a marketer… it’s time to get educated!

This time, the topics include:

  • How to deal with failure in the windy world of copywriting
  • The second best personal ad ever… AND the best one
  • The sales letter with 729 bullet points on it (why in God’s name..)
  • The most hypnotic word in ALL of marketing (and it’s NOT sex…)
  • How to generate tension… then attention… into more and more sales

So go and download yours now, alright? It’s not like I write this for myself, you know! 🙂

Go curl up in your favorite armchair…

get a cup of steaming hot chocolate or coffee…

and have yourself a warm and fuzzy moment amid the chilly autumn days.

(Unless of course you’re from Australia or other cozy enclave of Oceania already enjoying spring, you lucky b…uddies. 😉 )

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